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An avid reader, traveler, and perpetual student...

of life...  and of the energies that animate it.


Forever a champion of taking the road less travelled, my life has been an evolution of adventures of spirit, continually yet cautiously propelling myself to expand my consciousness, my heart, and my health.

Formerly a banker, I left the corporate world to explore a life as a purser at sea. It wasn't long before I met the man to later become my husband. I disembarked the ship to embark on a new life that gifted us with the birth of our son. I was fortunate in having the choice to be home in his formative years, enjoying every moment, every first... a magical life where I saw everything around me through that mystical and curious lens of a child.

I had lost that somewhere along the way, most likely in the drudgery (for me) of dealing with numbers and finance all day. I'm just not hardwired for a structured existence that leaves no space for creativity and individuality. I had been living life out of balance with my truest nature, and the toll of that stress was to rear its ugly head under the stress of my pregnancy.

The first few years of my son's life were the most joyous of my life, despite the health issues that plagued me. Suffice it to say that I refused to "own" any illness... not cancer, nor a heart arrhythmia that gave concern to my doctors. I was determined to find health for my son first and foremost.

I found and studied many alternative healing techniques... studied Quantum Touch, Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies. read all the books I could get my hands on during nap time(and with a flashlight under the stars), and eventually stumbled into my holistic dentist's office to find a flyer for a class that truly resonated with my spirit. It was a class about Energy Medicine with Donna Eden and I've been learning from her and raising my vibration ever since...

It's been a twenty five year journey and no illness has been present in my life since embarking on this path of expanding my consciousness, my knowledge, and my seemingly endless curiosity. Healing is an inside job, and there is much we can do to foster it.

Matter follows energy, energy follows thought.. developing gratitude, intimacy, and spontaneity brings our thoughts into a high vibration that supports health, vitality and prosperity in all aspects of living.

There are practices, however, that shift the energies of our being and lift our thoughts. They're like bridges that shift both the energies impacting the body and its organs while simultaneously shifting the thought vibration to a level that can sustain the energies that heal us.

You're probably familiar with some of them... yoga is a great example of strengthening and aligning the chakras, I hold certification (CYT200) in Inspirational Hatha Yoga. Yoga is one of many beneficial techniques that can be used as a system to gently yet effectively shift the energies that often hold us in states of dis-ease. 

In the spirit of "paying it forward", I have been dedicating my journey for the last twenty years to helping others achieve the health and balance that is rightfully ours.

I'll be sharing links to Donna's books and videos as well as those of others I respect so highly in the field. I didn't want to reinvent the wheel with their signature exemplary techniques. I prefer to write about the consciousness within the work.. within our lives and our choices, lessons I've learned that their work has fostered in me. And to share the work - helping others to achieve their full potential.

My wish is to create a space for sharing, healing, and expanding our spirit...our selves... on and off of the mat.

May we grow our understanding and compassion in the process..

Blessed be.

 Kim Engstrom

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